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How to Create a Bio Page

Last updated on December 20, 2023

How to Create a Bio Page


  1. Navigate to QRIN.COM.
  2. Gain access to the area under "Bio Pages," and then choose "Create Bio."
  3. Please provide the name of the page and generate an alias that is user-friendly (which will display after
  4. Personalize your bio page to reflect your interests while familiarizing yourself with the many elements that are accessible.
  5. Take away the branding, a feature that is included in all of the plans.




More than thirty-six widgets are available to you inside the bio page, including the following:

  1. A tagline is a succinct and memorable sentence that provides a concise summary of your identity or brand.
  2. Description Please enter more information about yourself, your brand, or your company in this part, which is more extensive than the previous one.
  3. Text: Include tailor-made text in order to communicate certain messages or facts.
  4. Divider: Assist in the creation of a clean and well-organized layout by providing a visible divide between the various parts.
  5. Insert links that may be clicked on to take visitors to other material or websites that are located outside of your own.
  6. HTML: In order to get a higher level of customisation, include your own HTML code.
  7. Images:For the purpose of enhancing the visual attractiveness of your bio
  8. You may enable people to make a phone call immediately from your bio by enabling the phone call feature.
  9. This free virtual business card allows you to share your contact information with others.
  10. PayPal Button: Integrate a PayPal button to facilitate purchases that are both protected and simple.
  11. The WhatsApp Call feature enables users to initiate a call using the WhatsApp app.
  12. Enable people to send you a message on WhatsApp by enabling the WhatsApp Message feature.
  13. RSS Feed: Show material that is subject to change based on an RSS feed.
  14. Provide a sign-up option for newsletters. Newsletters should be provided.
  15. To enable people to email queries right from your bio, you should include a contact form.
  16. The commonly asked questions and their answers are presented in the FAQ section.
  17. Product: Display items with various photos and information about them.
  18. YouTube Playlist or Video: Incorporate YouTube playlists or videos into your website.
  19. Share material from Apple Music straight on your bio by using the Apple Music Embed feature.
  20. In order to provide music lovers with access to Spotify material, you may embed it.
  21. Displaying your OpenSea NFT collection is required for OpenSea NFT.
  22. TikTok Embed: Embed videos or material from the TikTok platform.
  23. Displaying tweets right on your bio is referred to as embedded tweets.
  24. SoundCloud encourages users to share audio files or music from the platform.
  25. Include a particular Facebook post by embedding it.
  26. Instagram Post: Showcase a particular post that was made on Instagram.
  27. You may embed Typeform surveys or forms into your website.
  28. Display your Pinterest boards or pins when you use Pinterest.
  29. Display any posts or debates that have been made on Reddit.
  30. Make it possible for users to arrange appointments with you using Calendly.
  31. In order to create a unified narrative experience, it is important to provide material that is interwoven.
  32. The TikTok Profile allows you to share your whole profile with others.
  33. Include a map to highlight your location by embedding it on Google Maps.
  34. Allow users to make reservations at restaurants using OpenTable by implementing the OpenTable Reservation feature.
  35. Use Eventbrite to showcase future events that are scheduled to take place.
  36. Snapchat: It is possible to share your presence on Snapchat immediately from your bio.

You may construct a bespoke and dynamic bio page that is tailored to your specific requirements by exploring the many widgets that are available.



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