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How to Make Dynamic QR Codes

How to Make Dynamic QR Codes


Visit QR-IN.COM: To begin, go to QR-IN.COM, which is the best place to make and manage QR codes.

Find the QR Codes part: - Once you're on the site, you can usually get to this area from the main menu.

Click on "Create QR": - Clicking on "Create QR" starts the process of making a QR code.

Enter the details of your QR code: - Give your code a name and pick a site that is free. This helps you organize and find your QR codes more easily.

QR Section That Changes: - You can pick the kind of information you want the QR code to show in the "Dynamic QR" part. 

6. Give Information: - Type in the information that is needed for the type of material you chose. For instance, type in the URL if it's a link. You can change how the QR code looks to suit your tastes.

7. Generate QR Code: To make your dynamic QR code, click the "Generate QR Code" button. The site will take your information and give you a QR code that you can scan.


Updating QR codes that change:

1. Go to QR-IN.COM:
  - To take care of your QR codes, go back to QR-IN.COM.

2. Click on QR Codes: You can see a list of the QR codes you've made by going to the "QR Codes" part.

3. Find the QR Code: - In the list, find the QR code that you want to change.

4. Press the three dots and choose Edit:
  - On the QR code card, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and choose "Edit." This will let you change the information that is already there.

5. Change the information: - Change the information that goes with the QR code as needed. This could mean changing the link, the contact information, or anything else that is needed.

6. Click Update: - Once you've made the changes you want, click "Update" to ensure they are saved. The new information has been added to your QR code.

Different kinds of QR codes:

You can make and keep up to date different kinds of QR codes:

  • Fixed QR Codes:
  • Text: Shows a message in plain text.
  • SMS & Message: Sends an SMS or message that you've already set up.
  • WIFI: Lets you connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Static VCard: This type of sharing contacts information in the form of a digital business card.
  • Events: This section has details about a certain event.


Changeable QR codes

Link: Takes people to a certain URL.
Email: Starts writing an email to an address that has already been set.
Call: Makes a phone call to a certain number.
SMS: Starts the texting app with a message already written.
vCard: Sharing personal information in the form of a digital business card is possible with V

Application: This word either links to or starts the download of a mobile app.
File: Upload any file as you want
PDF: This tag either links to a PDF file or starts the download process.
WhatsApp: Starts a chat on WhatsApp with a note already written.
And more.

These changeable QR codes are flexible because they let you change the text of your QR code as your needs change. If you want to share contact information, links, or event details, changeable QR codes are a quick and easy way to do it.


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